Strategische Kommunikation für Marken, Unternehmen und Produkte - darüber ist viel zu sagen. Gerade im Internet-Kontext, Stichworte z.B. Suchmaschinenmarketing und -optimierung, Email-Marketing, effektives Copywriting. Kommt noch. Wenn ich mal. Zeit habe. Bis dahin gilt: 'I make shoes for everyone while I still go barefoot'.

I have received complaints about the lack of information on this website. Its outdated html. And the whole look and feel running contrary to me purportedly being an expert on brand communication, product communication, corporate communication, any sort of stakeholder communication actually.

Fair enough.

The truth is, I am bored out of my friggin' mind thinking of how to perfect my appearance. I shave regularly. I take showers. I have nice suits and cool t-shirts and I know how to dress to the occasion. I have a great wife who is much smarter than me and also looks much better than me.

That should suffice.

Which means there is much room left in my clean shaved head for my clients' desires. So I can do what I love best. Give them the best ideas for shaping and communicating their messages, no matter the medium or channel or target group.

So, if you are interested and haven't met me before, please do feel free to drop me a line. Chances are, though, you already know me anyway, so cheers and talk to you soon!

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